We have a very reliable, dependable and watchful crew keeping an eye on the horses.  A diligent, daily HANDS ON approach to every horses well being, from sun up to sun down and beyond.  Our staff arrives prior to opening at 7am,eye to eye observation of every horse at 6am morning feeding, providing wellness rounds at 9am after morning feeding, again at noon and 4pm, then 7pm following evening feeding at closing, then again at 10pm sleepy check.  Multiple staff members are present for behavior observation throughout the day, as well as residents on site in the event there are other concerns.  The horses at Hidden Hills Ranch are happy, healthy, safe and content here!! We strive to provide you with peace of mind that your equine partner, pet or family member is in the best care possible, at all times and while you are not able to be here with them.


Ranch Site Supervision & Equine Care Management

 Nichole & Courtney Payne

From Training and lessons with Nichole, to horse maintenance and support care with Courtney, these girls have you and your horse covered!  Supervising the grounds & stall up keep, observing horse health and behavior to personalized equine assistance, management and conditioning, training and lessons, we keep this girl busy! On-site 7 days a week, we feel confident all the horses at the ranch will be routinely checked on during the day and with our two PM round checks as well, with competent careful concern for each horses health and well being.



Care Crew & Grounds Keep

 Salvador, Mario & Lucas

Ambassadors of equine knowledge, stable and grounds care. Observant, kind, knowledgeable crew attending to each horses general welfare, care, feed & stall maintenance and grounds keeping. Taking personal pride in keeping the ranch pristine for your enjoyment.




Small Business Owners

Family Owned & Operated

To over see all business management aspects, owners Marilyn & Kevin Payne strive to offer the best quality services for the most reasonably fair price at a beautifully run facility.